You’re the world, I said, and you’re March, raining.
                                        I rubbed my hands to make fire.
You were wet with the thrill of snow.
                                                     I was, with loss.
                                                                         (We all have seasons.)
                                                                         You’ve got the breeze of hands
                                                                         up Sunday’s dress, the bruise’s sagging
               I get the lure of sleep.
               Also: each night’s dream
               rattling stars in my stomach.

               I get the one dry inch
               of sheet.
                                                                         Also: the dripping laugh.
                                                                         Also: the climbing-in.
You’re the world, I said.
                                        And you stopped on the steps, pressed your wings
                                        once together:
                                                                         The pose. The prayer.
               Once, I got magenta and saffron
                                                                         Now grown silent as stars.
                                        You gathered handfuls
                                        of earth and rain and sky
                                        without asking.
Except now, I said
                                                                         You get consequences.
               So I also get the forest
                                        You need to wander in
               fingers quickening with frost
               each edge of sky sharpens the cracks
               I get
                                        the fog
               the last leaf slipping
               the rub of my thumb and finger and
It's gone.

©2008 Dr. Lacy M. Johnson All Rights Reserved.