As in: to carry on and on this poor affair of being
As in: nothing ever a complete surprise

                    except: look up and the sky

                    except: I am me and you
                    are you and we are separated
                    by what’s between us

                    except: you walk by and do not see me
                    but I am not invisible

                                   Look: there’s your dirty change of clothes
                                   there’s the water left from washing your hands.

                                                            Meaning: I’m obsessed.
                                                            Meaning: I’m overwhelmed.
                                                            Meaning: I come back
                                                            to myself and can’t stay there.

               It’s uncomfortable
               to hear the mind, a pronoun, can be modified
               only by its predicate.

As in: the body is a metaphor, substituted
As in: always for the benefit of others

                           The fact is: I
                                         want           to try to
            (It’s not supposed to)          make

            There’s no point to it (at) all. Stop it. Stop trying. Stop.

                                                            Meaning: it’s empty.
                                                            Meaning: you’re lost to me.
                                                            Meaning: I’ve apparently
                                                            been wrong all this time.

            except: look how far it’s brought me
            from home.

©2008 Dr. Lacy M. Johnson All Rights Reserved.